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Monday, May 22, 2006

Interview with Absolute Poker's Poker Room Manager Gian Perroni

We where lucky enough to get a quick Q&A with Absolute Poker's Gian Perroni who gives a few insights into the world of online poker rooms. He provided some great, entertaining answers and we thank him for his time.

COP - What is your history with poker and the Internet?

Gian - My background is in marketing. I owned and operated a direct mail company in the 90's that specialized in print and postal distribution, and in 1997 I started working with and several of their other properties, producing and fulfilling CDs and other marketing materials. From that introduction I started to specialize in providing marketing services to a wide range of online gaming companies, including Absolute Poker prior to their launch.

COP - How long have you been with AP now?

Gian - I moved from Canada to Costa Rica and joined Absolute Poker full-time in July 2003 and was the 7th person to get involved, (we now have over 130).

COP - And what changes have you seen with both the company and the industry in that time?

Gian - The timing was good for Absolute Poker. At the time we launched there were less than 10 serious players in the industry, and we quickly established ourselves as one of the top sites. The industry went through incredible growth for about a year and a half, and then leveled off a little for about 4 months. It has now resumed its' fast growth and is stronger than ever. While there are now well in excess of 300 sites, there are still less than 20 solid sites, but easily thousands of times the players as there were when we launched.

COP - Do you yourself play poker?

Gian - Absolutely! I started playing in grade 7 with a group of friends, mostly 5 card draw, and a crazy game we called in-between, (now known as Red Dog in the casinos).

COP - What is your favorite game to play?

Gian - I am one of those crazy players that loves the split games - especially Omaha H/L with a kill *smiles*

COP - And online?

Gian - Multiple SitNGos in Omaha H/L are the best, but I am also into PL Omaha of any type.

COP - I assume you can't play at AP so where do you play and why?

Gian - Shhhhh. Stars and Party mostly - Stars has great software, and both have lots of players to keep the games going.

COP - Have you attended any of the big poker events and if so which ones?

Gian - I spent quite a bit of time at the WSOP this year, and have also been to the Ultimate Poker Challenge, WPT Bellagio, and the US Poker Championship. This year I will be attending one or two a month representing AP and hosting hospitality suites for our players.

COP - Which was your favorite?

Gian - Nothing beats the overall energy at the WSOP - total craziness!

COP - Did you get to meet any of the pros?

Gian - I have met many, including legends like TJ Cloutier.


COP - Who impressed you the most?

Gian - While I may seem biased, I really enjoy watching our own pro, and my good friend, Mark Seif play. He has a "take no prisoners" style that is both exciting, and nerve-wrecking at the same time.

COP - Which games get the most action in your poker rooms?

Gian - Definitely Holdem, especially in the $3/6 to $5/10 range.

COP - Have you seen any significant changes in the sortt of games people play since opening and if so what would you attribute that to?

Gian - We are seeing more players in the non-Holdem games over time, and I believe that this is primarily due to players becoming more comfortable with the game, and wanting to expand their experience, and skill level.

COP - What do you feel separates AP from the rest of the online poker rooms?

Gian - Great promotions, especially with our redeposit bonuses, and more FreeRolls than any other site are definitely attractive. Our personalized icons are really only used by Stars and ourselves, and players love them. We have a reputation for excellent customer support, and for quick withdrawals, both of which add confidence to our players.

COP - Can you see any room for innervations for online poker rooms?

Gian - We have a few new innovations coming that will enhance the player's experience, but as far as changes to the way poker is dealt, that won't happen. The 6 or 7 major poker variations will all stay the same.

COP - What plans does AP have for the future?

Gian - We are increasing the number of tables you will be able to play at concurrently, and will be increasing the number of players that can join tourneys. Heads-up single and multi tourneys are launching immediately, and we have just released our new re-playable hand histories. Watch for new tourney lobbies, and a change from 6 player tables to 5 player.

COP - any last remakes you would like to make about AP?

Gian - Only that I joined this company because I saw a group of young, bright guys that were putting together a poker company that would be run with the highest moral and ethical standards. My instincts were correct, and I have not regretted the move for a moment. Working with AP is exciting, and we will remain one of the top sites in the business.

COP - Finally on a lighter note, who would win in fight, Phil Helmuth or Annie Duke?

Gian - Annie hands down - both at the table and in the ring *big grin*